May Cho

I am a native South Korean who lived, studied, and raised her family in the US. My academic background is music and information science. My life goal could be illustrated as one of the woman in an 18th century painting by the well known Korean painter, Hong-do Kim, carrying water jug back and forth from the well to her family, while playing and teaching piano, working at the libraries, cataloging, and interpreting. My current interest and effort in translation found GV Lingua as one of the main means to uphold and achieve that goal.

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The Bridge  2020/09/30

카리브 해 사회에서 사내 아이나 남자로서의 복합성을 교묘하게 감당해 내려면 "우리 안에 남자 노릇 DNA가 이미 잠재하고, 그것이 때로 단지 활성 대기 중"이라고 전제해야 한다.