Freelance translator and interpreter. Interested in sustainability and well-being of human lives, especially in the areas of social welfare, human rights, health, and education. Dream to act as a messenger to spread the stories of truth that are unheard or hidden so the world has the equal and right awareness of and in itself.

Enjoy activities like swimming, yoga, and pilates. Love for food, wine, and people I care about. Redeemed and saved by Jesus Christ.

이메일 Vanessa

최근 포스팅 Vanessa

‘위안부’ 다큐영화 ‘주전장’, 전 세계의 관심과 함께 얻은 핍박과 소송

"이 작품은 현재 '위안부' 문제가 어떻게 다뤄지는지 보여준다. 나는 왜 이렇게 많은 사람들이 이 문제를 지우려고 많은 시간과 애를 쓰는지 알고 싶었다."